Roundtable Discussions

11. August 28th 2021

Watch Dr. Polevsky and the Naturopathic Doctors of discuss re-examining and reframing all the medical belief systems that have been in operation over the years. You will be shocked by what Dr. Polevsky has to say about Covid and many other topics.

10. August 25th 2021

Join Carissa and Sonya as they break down some of the key points from their interview with Megan Mansell as well as their own patients to date. Also discussed are the data and perspective of masking our children in schools, what that involves.… Shown in Two Parts.

9. July 20th 2021

Join us as we invite our children to join in on the conversation and take a personal look at how they are feeling about the situation at their schools. Hear from both the kids as well as the parents as they navigate this challenging time.

8. July 13th 2021

Is the Delta variant something to be feared? Is it truly more infectious? Join Drs. Sonya Doherty, Carissa Doherty, Moshe Daniel Block and Jason Loken as they take a look at the different narratives surrounding Covid Variants and both dismiss it as a conversation that needn't take place, and also engage in the conversation because it is taking place in mainstream media and the rest of the world.

7. July 1st 2021

An exciting video with superstar Medical doctors Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, and the Fantastic Five Naturopathic Doctor crew comprised of the Doherty Sisters, Carissa and Sonya, Jason Loken and Moshe Daniel Block about Shedding/Transmission, Magnetism, Variants, How to Protect yourself from Shedding with Herbal teas, juices, special baths, and more.

6. June 25 2021

Join us today as we sit down with several students from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and talk about the reality that all students applying to residence for the first time will have to get vaccinated.
This is a serious threat to medical freedom, body sovereignty, informed consent and basic human rights not just for CCNM students but for many students across Canada that are having the same mandates enforced upon them.

5. June 21 2021

WHO - World Health Organization states, "Not enough evidence to keep vaccinating children under age 18."

4. June 2 2021

Our Fourth Roundtable discussion was on Children's COV1D Vaccine. A discussion around what 100% Effective really means, and helpful tips for critical thinking around this topic with naturopathic doctors - Jason Loken, Sonya Doherty, and Carissa Doherty.

3. May 26 2021

The third roundtable discussion was exciting and historical. It brought together 4 professions to discuss the troubling times. A medical doctor Dr. Stephen Malthouse of "Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henrie" and Canadian Frontline Doctors, a Nurse Sarah Choujounian of Canadian Frontline nurses, an ex-policeman OPP Constable Vincent Gircys and 4 naturopathic doctors - Jason Loken, Sonya Doherty, Carissa Doherty, and Moshe Daniel Block. The discussion was regarding topics of great significance for our times politically, legally, medically.

The preview / teaser videos are first and then the full length video follows.

Teaser video 2:46

Teaser video 3:47

Teaser video 5:41

Teaser video 5:46

Full length video Roundtable #3 95mins

2. May 18 2021

The second roundtable discussion addressing important topics like questions regarding PCR testing, the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccinations and more, with Naturopathic Doctors Jason Loken, Sonya Doherty, Carissa Doherty, and Moshe Daniel Block.

During the discussion, the topic of manipulation of statistics arose and Dr. Jason Loken briefly explained it. In this third video (on the left) Dr. Jason Loken, goes into greater detail about how easily statistics can be manipulated and how to navigate this confusing mass of information to arrive at a safe and healthy informed decision.

1. April 26 2021

The first roundtable discussion recorded that laid the foundation for Follow your Oath, with Naturopathic Doctors Jason Loken, Sonya Doherty, Moshe Daniel Block.