Names of Oath Keepers

First Name
Last Name
Moshe Daniel Block Naturopathic doctor I take pride in the Oath I swore to uphold
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic doctor, Osteopath Nice work guys!!
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor Our communities need healthcare professionals an all other professionals to FOLLOW THEIR OATHS!
Elisabeth Van der have Homeopath
Anonymous Naturopathic doctor Thanks so much for starting this
Birgitta Nielsen Chiropractor Great work.
More and more are waking up. I will share your website with people here in Denmark👌☘💪🌿
Molly Scotchmer Doctor This is something I wholeheartedly support and wish to be a part of. I'm deeply concerned about the fate of mankind given the events of the past year. As physicians we have the responsibility to take care of our patients and their families and "do no harm". This is something I take very seriously. I'm hoping those that have lost their way will find it again with the help of this initiative.
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor Thank you for this initiative.
I recorded an IGTV about our oath, informed consent, and medical freedoms because this has been weighing heavy on my mind.
Karen Lynne Registered Psychotherapist I am thrilled to find like minded professionals, for which I personally know, hold the line for our basic human rights and responsibilities of "do no harm". May your courage, to speak out, awaken 1,000's of people about the critical thinking required to sort out his current crisis.
Pascaline Phillips Naturopathic doctor Thank you for starting this initiative. It is such an important reminder to all those practitioners who may have forgotten that our patients come to us to be healed - to get better - to optimize their health. Any treatment plan that does not evaluate the pros and cons of treatments, and involves taking/injecting toxins, must be rejected.
Robin Morton Earthling thank goodness for like minded people my county has had the wool pulled over their eyes. we will survive
Sarah Turner Naturopathic Doctor A truly important time for critical thinking and following our oath. Thank you for putting this together.
Julia Esposito ND
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopath I am so proud of being a Naturopathic Doctor as we have the knowledge, skill and judgement to treat the immune system
Shiela VanDerveer Licensed Midwife Love this! And grateful for the community ♥️
M. P. Naturopathic Doctor
Kristina Sanecki Teacher I beleve it is a privilege and calling to work with children to meet their God given potential in a loving, caring and nurturing environment where together we can learn, grow and have fun.
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship ND Thank you for this initiative. Keeping the naturopathic oath top of mind has helped me to personally and professionally navigate this unprecedented health crisis.
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor I will always hold true to the oath I swore when I became a doctor, teacher and healer. I stand tall and proud beside the other Oath Keepers here.
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor
Ursula Lewczyk Teacher
Emily Harrison Dental Hygienist
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor
Rita Gero Holistic Nutritionist This is a great initiative.
Colette Harman Naturopathic doctor I’ve been censured and censored by my licensing board in Ontario (CONO) as well I’m going to be given a verbal caution because I posted articles from accredited institutions and medical journals on Vitamin D, C and Zinc on my Facebook pages plus other educated opinions that did not follow the predominant narrative because it goes against Public Health’s directives. I know my board and all regulatory healthcare boards exist to protect the public against errant healthcare practitioners but who is protecting the public from Public Health??
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor
Somluk Callen RN I am so happy to be a part of this.
Lance Schuttler Philanthropy "On Earth as it is in Heaven."
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor Thank goodness many of us are awake and asking critical questions, standing for truth and transparency!!!!!
Laurie Rigg RN BN Waterdown Clinic of Functional and Integrative Medicine Let’s swim against the tide together!
Yvonne Mackie Registered Nurse Thank you for the work you’re doing and bringing people of different professions together. It’s so important that as professionals we continue to ask questions and hear one another.
Kimberly Rippon-Oberheim Nurse Being speaking against the Covid narrative since the beginning
Julie Mardian Naturopathic Doctor
Kira Nyhuis Psychiatric Nurse I am so happy to be a part of this group of amazing individuals who are speaking out. I have been silenced by co-workers and “friends” on social media and I am beyond happy to see the actual research and facts being put forward. The truth will prevail!
Tania Siqueira Chiropractor Thank you for this initiative. I seek the truth and to uphold my oath to increase health and vitality in the population.
Michelle Riddle Occupational Therapist I am following my professional code of ethics to:
practice with integrity, accountability, transparency, and respect for others;
acknowledge diversity and uphold the principle of equity;
use professional communication with clients, colleagues, partners and stakeholders;
value and respect clients’ rights to be self‐directed in their decision‐making in accordance with their own needs, values and available resources;
value and respect clients’ rights to be treated with respect and dignity within a safe and non‐ judgmental environment;
maintain a standard of professional competency to provide high quality service;
understand and manage ethical implications involved in all practice domains, including research;
participate in continuing professional development throughout [my] career and apply new knowledge and skills to [my] professional work which is based on best available evidence (CAOT, 2016)
Keith Condliffe ND
Angelika Seibert Retired Reg. Dental Hygienist Thank you for creating this group for everyone to see that we are working together to create a better world and society where trust, integrity and truth are integral and first and foremost in our hearts and minds. There are those of us that always have been leaders and not followers, have thought outside the box, have always thought that there is a another way and have critically thought and researched and have chosen to live our lives according to our own values of truth, love and caring for others in the best way possible. Many, many thanks! Finally, we have a voice!
Jonathan Beatty Naturopath I am proud to follow my oath and practice in a way that is truly consistent with Canadian and international laws pertaining to ethical medicine delivery.
Tamara Rossman Homeopath
Tiffany Wyse ND RH Many thanks for putting this together.
Warm blessings, Tiffany
Charley Cropley N.D. Thank you for your courageous work.
Elie Klein N.D. First, do no harm
Dianne Phillips Nurse I'm so happy to be here and be a part of this movement. I hope many others will realize what their oath means and have integrity and do the right thing. Humanity depends on it!
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Dpctor Common sense, critical thinking and freedom of choice are important now more than ever. These conversations need to (be allowed to) happen and are key to doing my job in it’s entirety and safely.
Katie Weststrate ND How do we sign up for this? Thank you- for doing this, for sharing, for taking a stand in the face of fear.
I am very hopeful… even just from witnessing the trailer/preview. I feel like I can hope for an authentic practice once again..
Andrea Chambers Naturopathic Physician
Cecilia De Martino Naturopathic Doctor This is truly how we bring people together.
Taylor Bean Naturopathic Doctor
Name Removed for CONO enforced censorship Naturopathic Doctor
Kristina Malita Nutritionist
Rebecca Brownell Psychotherapist I feel comforted by this community and resonate with your mission
Tamara Rossman Homeopath
Lana McMurrer Naturopathic doctor
Danielle Fisch Family physician
Eileen Davis Student of Life It’s really up to us to inspire others to see the value of following one’s oath💞🇺🇸
Deborah Toon Woman/mother
Cynthia Foster Nurse Happy to find this community
Terri Schnarr Certified Natural Health Practitioner
Paul Schillaci Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapist, Scar Release Therapy Over my years of being involved with my clients wishes to pursue a healthy lifestyle, I have made myself available to assisting them in the journey of maintaining and ultimately improving their healthy outcomes.
Alda Blanes Chiropractor Thank you for all of what you’re doing... I feel less alone out here in BC where all the NDs and DCs are promoting the Covid shot!
Sherri Doak Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach I am so happy to be a part of this mission. I wish to find the strength and support I need to do my best to serve in this world with love, hope and joy.
Janet Baillie Carer Non professional oath to live a life of integrity
Lori Gilbert Yoga teacher
Diena Grant-Thomson Speech Pathology
Ardin Wegerle-Edwards Mom
Cara Cloud Retired
Sterling Hart ND So happy to have found this space of reason and knowledge.
Jimmy Savile Psychiatric Nonce
Pauline Houle Holistic approach therapist Finally, I can feel I can join some kind of association of like minded people who can help others help themselves. Thank you for standing up and invite humans who wish to do no arm, to themselves and others
Karin Godbold Naturopath Bring On The New Age of Naturopathic Medicine Integration and Education of Nature Based and God Based Principles xxxooo
Ben Wilke Naturopathic Student I am committed to the oath I have taken as a student in Naturopathic Medicine and will certainly carry on that commitment as I move on as a doctor to serve my community. As part of my oath it is my duty to understand the injustices that put innocent people in harms way. My signature is here as evidence of that quest and to acknowledge that I feel amongst allies. May Peace be with you All!
Sandra Jardim Teacher Thank you to you all for standing for your oath. I wish more professionals would.
Name removed for CONO enforced censorship ND Thank you ALL for your time, efforts, courage and bravery! xoxox
Anonymous Anonymous ND, LAc As a Naturopathic Dr I agreed to first do no harm and I take that very seriously. Recommending any experimental medical treatments is not standing in integrity as a medical provider of any kind, especially without proper informed consent.
Jan Wolfenberg Midwife
Cynthia Foster Nurse
Carolyn Estrada Office manager Been following for some time and love Dr Martin and Dr mikovitz
And love truth
Sacha Elliott-Drury ND I am so happy I found you!
Rebecca Chatfield Naturopathic Doctor
Jennifer Doan Naturopathic Physician Thank you so much for creating a community for those of us who want to FOLLOW OUR OATH!!
Alexandra B ND
Dawn Cormier ND Please take me off your list fir now, my lawyer advises this until my inquiry with CONO is over, I don’t want to but you understand I’m sure
Thank you
Troy Wielgosz Chiropractor Freedom!
Elizabeth Easterling Chiropractor Thank you for organizing this!
Jessica Bolzicco Naturopathic Doctor I stand for informed consent. I stand for medical autonomy. I stand for equality of care.
Helen Menos 911 Dispatch Supervisor Looking to find my way back to why I made this my career choice
Jessica Yousif Holistic health coach Thank you
Victoria Baldwin Naturopathic Doctor
Mindy Campbell Naturopathic Doctor
Jasna Sokolovic artist
Angela Moore ND
Emily Bonnett Naturopathic Doctor
Ella Lewis Nurse Joining from Australia. Our oath links us to our integrity and to our duty of care. Everytime we come back to that place of heartcentred truth we know what's universally right and what's wrong with what is happening across the planet right now.
Gail Littell Naturopathic Doctor
Angela Moore Naturopathic Doctor
Jason Loken ND, DO(Q)
Sandra Lewis Retired Homeopath Without honest communication, due diligence and integrity, no profession is worthy of its name.
Mireille Fanous N.D.
Feride Jabbarli Woman Thank you very much
Ashima Suneja-chauhan ND