Our Mission

We at “Follow Your Oath” are dedicated to inspiring healthcare practitioners, teachers, lawyers, and police officers to follow the oaths they’ve sworn to uphold. Through open discussion and the sharing of important information, we devote ourselves to the mission of making our world a safe place and to ensure a better and healthier future for our children. We believe that if every professional who is in public service follows the oath they’ve taken, the world would be a better place, because it is precisely within the oaths, we take that our service to the wellbeing of people is clearly delineated.

By following our oaths, we work to protect the rights and freedoms of our fellow citizens. Our oaths ensure that accurate scientific, medical, and legal knowledge is made available ensuring people are fully informed.
We hold as a central tenet of our organization that each person is a sovereign individual, and we are devoted to reminding ourselves, our colleagues and other professionals that to trust our own instincts and make our own (informed) decisions is crucial for the well-being of the individual and thus, the planet. We are committed to providing enriching discussion and inspiring knowledge so that people can remember the importance of following their own instincts in alignment with the oaths that they have sworn.

Our oath, as a group of concerned human beings, is to urge others to follow their oaths.